Online Banking for Business

Experience all the features of online banking with 24/7 access, one-time or recurring ACH, transfers and bill pay, even online wires – plus the specialized features designed to support your business:


  • Gain efficiency
  • Assign detailed and secured access to employees, bookkeepers, or CPAs, while retaining control over what they can view.
  • Easily reconcile with most major accounting systems by downloading files, syncing to balance, or directly syncing to the online banking platform.
  • Complete payroll with fewer steps.
  • Generate domestic U.S. wire transfers online


Prevent fraud with Positive Pay. The feature provided  added safeguard from check fraud through additional cross-referencing  — your payments are more accurately processed, based on this pre-approval step.  


It’s easy. Nothing changes with your current accounts or cards, you just received an additional Business ID and can even link to your personal accounts. View everything at once.