Our New Name – Bank of Hillsboro

We renamed our bank after our home town of Hillsboro. People here like their bank to be down to earth and treat its customers like neighbors. That’s who we are for all the small towns we serve.

The only thing changing is our name. We’re the same reliable community bank we’ve always been. You’ll have the same account numbers and see the same friendly faces.



Frequently Asked Questions


Why is the bank changing its name?

We’re changing our name to reflect who we are. “Hillsboro” is about small-town values, blue collar work ethic, and helping people out. That’s what we’re about, too. With our new name, we are creating a unique, memorable identity that is consistent with who we are.


Has the bank been acquired or merged with another bank?

No! We have simply renamed and rebranded our bank to reflect who we are.


Will my bank contacts be changing?

No, our bank staff, lenders and management team are staying the same. We will be here to help you with all of your banking needs, just as we always have. Our phone numbers and locations are staying the same. Our email addresses are changing to incorporate our new website URL (BankHillsboro.com), but our current email addresses will continue to work, as well.


Will my account number change?

No, your account number will stay the same. The bank routing number will remain the same, as well.


Will my debit card work?

Your debit card will continue to work. You will receive a new debit card later this year reflecting the new bank name. Your debit card number will stay the same, but your expiration date will renew for another 3-year term.  The new card will need to be activated once you receive it. You will also have to update any automatic payments that you have set up with your card to reflect the new expiration date.


Do I need to change my direct deposit information for my paycheck or Social Security?

No, all of our routing and account numbers are staying the same, so your automatic deposits will not be affected.


Can I continue to use my checks?

Yes, your checks will continue to work. When you run out and it’s time to reorder, the new bank name and logo will be printed on them.


Will my online banking account access be disrupted?

Our website will be changing to a modern design, and the login button will look different. However, the online banking access and your credentials will stay the same.


Will the bank still be supporting local communities?

Absolutely! We are committed to the many communities we serve by being good neighbors and supporting local organizations.


Thank you for your business!

Our New Name – Bank of Hillsboro

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